"who would want anything more than someone who cares about them?"

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I hope you never forget me.

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evangleys asked: Asuka or Satsuki
kawobrine asked: Mari or Asuka

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Let's do our best. 
I'm going to walk my own path on my own feet.
The road might be bumpy and curve,
the rain might beat on me,
and there'll be days that are freezing,
but even so,
I'm sure the sun will shine when I finally arrive at my destination.
My future extends to infinity.

See you soon, Asuka.

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so today before i was gonna clock out, i got called over the walkie to help out a customer in the karaoke room. i make my way inside the room and was surprised to see these old people in the room L(・o・)」 this was a first because i’ve only ever seen families or teenies in there. as i explain to them what i’m doing, I chat them up on how i’m discovering how to fix the problem as i go along so they don’t expect a quick fix (we don’t get training on the karaoke stuff, and it doesn’t make it easier since it’s in korean[?])  i sit back and really look at the machine, examining whatever easy slip i might’ve made and christ i stare at the little modem looking computer and it was not turned on (/。\) this took me like 5 minutes to figure out and i’m just like (・□・;)after i turn it back on and explain what had happened they totally understood and just thanked me for helping me out. before i left i showed them how they could fix the mic and music levels to their liking and as i did a mic check one of the old ladies asked me to sing something. i froze for a quick second. i don’t sing, even if i wanted to. but she asked nicely and i’m like, screw it. i bring the mic close to my mouth, prepared to bust into a quick song and she immediately get a pleasantly surprised look oh her face. laughing a bit, she stops me, from what probably couldve been really embarassing and says i’m such a nice and wonderful employee for agreeing to sing. i felt my face heat up and im pretty sure i forced out a meek thank you before i walked out the room. that old lady definitely made my day ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Zooey for InStyle


Zooey for InStyle


list of cute things

  • you
  • also you
  • hey look you
  • and you
  • wait wait wait
  • you
  • you’re cute

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Dope cover by Chris Bachalo


Dope cover by Chris Bachalo


We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


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Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence [7’ Version]

'all I ever wanted, all I ever needed…'

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